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Details Opening-Shots-Favorite-Mystery-and-Crime-Writers-Share-Their-First-Published-Stories-Great-Mystery-and-Crime-Writers-Share-Their-First-Published-Stories

Opening Shots This collection of first stories published by prominent mystery and crime writers includes their recollections of the paths the stories followed. Writers include John Harvey, Susan Isaacs, Peter Robinson, and more. Full description

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Details 10000-Rare-Books-Published-Before-1860-A-Catalog

10,000 Rare Books Published Before 1860 - A Catalog This is a staggering listing of rare books of every type and description, all having been published before the year 1860, and arranged alphabetically by the author or organization responsible for the ...

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Details American-Cookery-The-Historic-Colonial-Cookbook-First-Published-in-1796

[ American Cookery: The Historic Colonial Cookbook First Published in 1796 Simmons, Amelia ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2014

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Details IM-Raving

.Label: Clu (edel).Published: 1996/'Track 1+2: Published by Warner Chappell..Track 3+4: Published by Edition